Check In File(s)

Red colored entries are the required arguments for each flagged parameter. If the parameter is enclosed in brackets, [], it is optional; the brackets are not included in the actual command line.

PowerVCS ci -f from -t to [-r [-p] ] [-d description]

Check in files from the file system to the PowerVCS Repository.

  • -f is the path to the file(s) you are checking in. The path may include wild cards.
  • -t is the viewpath in the Repository where the files are checked in.
  • -r (recursive) indicates that the files matching the local path should include those in sub folders.
  • -p means that the paths to sub folders for the files, you are checking in, should be preserved. For example if you have specified ‘C:\Dev\*.h’ as the file path for the files to add (and have included the –r flag) and files matching that path exist in a sub folder of C:\Dev named ‘save’, than the files in that folder will be checked in to a sub folder named ‘save’ in the Repository.
  • -d is the description of the file.