Using a Brower with PowerVCS

The Browser interface to PowerVCS offers access to all of its functions without the need for any additional software. This means you can use PowerVCS functions from any device that has a browser interface, for example a phone, PDA, etc. This brings access to a new level.

Using the browser interface to PowerVCS imposes several limitations that are inherent to Browser design. Browsers provide no direct access to the file system on the local PC where the Browser is running. This is fundamental to the security model of the Browser. The only way it can save a file to a particular location by asking you where to put the file. Similarly the only way the browser can select a local file for some operation is to prompt you. These are both operations that affect one file at a time. Because the file system is invisible to the Browser, the Browser can’t operate on a set of files, for example *.sr?, at one time.

This limitation makes the Browser a poor interface for performing bulk operations on a set of files, for example adding a starting set of the files to a Project or checking out all of the files in a directory. These functions are ably handled by PowerVCS’ other interfaces, its command line interface and the IDE interface enabled by PowerVCS’ SCC-API plug-in.

The Browser is perfectly suited to operations on a limited set of files and to all reporting and administrative tasks.