PowerVCS - Features and Functions

True web-based Software Configuration Management


  • Access all functions with a browser
  • Repository resides on Web Server
  • Based on open software standards

Repository built with MySQL

All page scripting with PHP

  • Includes command line interface and SCC integration
  • File compression

Version Control

  • Add files/folders
  • Check Out/Check In
  • Create Project
  • Remove
  • Edit/View File
  • Get
  • Label
  • Release (un-Check Out)


  • Show files changed between labeled Project states
  • Show differences between 2 versions of the same file
  • Show differences between 2 labeled versions of the same file


  • Find files containing specific string
  • Search by file type
  • Search all or portions of the Repository
    Server based


  • Apply to Project
  • Get Project based on label


  • Show file history by version number
  • Show file history by label


  • Very low cost ($180/year/user) subscription
  • Server can be hosted in low cost “Cloud” computing centers
  • No licensing costs for industrial strength database (MySQL)
  • Simple version control process
  • Very little training required