PowerVCS - World Class Security

White Paper

Please click here to read E. Crane Computing's white paper "Cloud Security," which discusses Cloud computing, the benefits of PowerVCS as a Cloud software service, and the various aspects of PowerVCS security infrastructure.

Secure Data

We know how important security is to you and your data. Your PowerVCS data is backed by the world class security provided by Rackspace/Mosso, an industry leader in managed and cloud hosting. Rackspace Security is a powerful, fully integrated portfolio of services, managed devices and best practices — all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for your data.

Rackspace/Mosso covers all three critical security areas: physical security; operational security; and system security.

Rackspace Data Centers

Rackspace data centers are known as being the best in the business. They're owned and operated by Rackspace and have redundancy in all the critical systems (like power systems, HVAC systems, etc.) They're built for 100% uptime. Their data centers are engineered to the standards required to support the Zero-Downtime Network™ and as such are designed and maintained without compromise for security or redundancy.

Ultra-Redundant Network

To provide multiple redundancies in the flow of information to and from the data centers, Rackspace partners with nine separate network providers and utilizes only high-performance bandwidth. The network's configuration, co-developed with Cisco, guards against any single point of failure at the network layer. Finally, to ensure the fastest and most reliable network connections possible, the entire network is closely monitored for efficiency and end-user performance, and the network's topology and configuration automatically adjust in response to traffic pattern changes. The advanced and meticulous engineering of Rackspace's data centers and networks provide a perfect complement to Mosso's clustered infrastructure.

Rackspace Certifications - Safe Harbor and PCI Security Standards

Safe Harbor certifies that Rackspace provides "adequate" privacy protection by the standard of the European Commission's Directive on Data Protection. For PowerVCS customers, it means that data can flow unhindered in and out of European Union (EU) countries, saving time and money by removing the obstacles encountered by non Safe Harbor Certified providers.

Rackspace is a PCI Security Standards Council Member. The PCI Security Standards Council is an open global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for payment card account data protection. Endorsed by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc., the Council's members have a voice in shaping the PCI Data Security Standard, an organization's best protection against data criminals.