PowerVCS - Pricing

Prices per month or per year include: support, upgrade, backup and maintenance; Windows platform support; RAID ADG Disk Array.

PowerBuilder Developers: Click here for special offers on PowerVCS and PowerGen or scroll down.

Price per User per Month/per Year $15. per Month / $180. per Year
Number of Developers Unlimited
Disc Space 300M default + 50M per user
Number of Repositories Unlimited
Backup Frequency 4 times per day
Offsite Backup Weekly
SSL Encryption Yes
Database Encryption Yes

Special Offer for PowerBuilder Developers

PowerGen, E. Crane Computing's flagship product, is the essential tool for generating PowerBuilder applications. It lets you use command line functions to automate the entire build and, with PowerGen Professional, it also lets you create libraries from object source. With PowerGen, you can control your builds with predictability and reliability. It operates with PowerBuilder Versions 5.X (32-bit), 6X, 7X, 8X, 9X, 10X and 11X.

These represent up to $750. savings in the cost of PowerGen Professional alone!