How to Set Up PowerBuilder for Source Control with PowerVCS:

1. Place each PBL in its own directory

Place each PBL in your application in its own directory. Because of the way PowerBuilder implements source control (the preceding section "PowerBuilder Source Control Concepts and Comlexities"), this results in a Repository structure in which each PBL has a Repository folder that holds objects only for that PBL. This allows you to let the source control system maintain the structure (constituent objects) of each PBL instead of relying on some external mechanism like the PBG file. (PBG files are notorious for being out of sync with the desired PBL structure).

When you are building or synchronizing your PBLs to controlled source, this folder structure allows to perform these operations without using the PBG files, but using the Repository folder contents directly (see PowerGen and using Object List Files with wildcards).