How to use PowerGen and PowerVCS to Automate the PowerBuilder Build Process:

5. Synchronize the Application to PowerVCS

In addition to rebuilding the PBLs from source PowerVCS and PowerGen can be user to refresh an existing set of PBLs with the latest source held in PowerVCS. This follow a similar process to that described above (Building the PowerBuilder Application from the Latest Checked In Source) except that the folders containing the objects sources will also contain the existing PBLs that you want to refresh.

To Synchronize the PBLs, select Application->Synchronize->From OLF... from PowerGen’s main menu. PowerGen will import only the objects that have changed (determined in different ways) and that have been added to PowerVCS and will, optionally, delete objects that no longer appear in PowerVCS. In most cases the Synchronize will require a small fraction of the time that a Bootstrap Import does.