How to use PowerGen and PowerVCS to Automate the PowerBuilder Build Process:

6. Restoring a Previous Release of an Application

In PowerVCS you can tag the state of a project that you want to save with a “label”. For example if you wanted to save a maintenance release of an application you could label it “Maintenance Release 1”, for example, at the point that you build the application for release. This allows you to restore that release at any point in the future after development has moved on.

To restore an application to a labeled point, you follow the same process as described above for building from the latest version (Building the PowerBuilder Application from the Latest Checked In Source), except that you will use PowerVCS to get the objects based on a label, rather than on the latest version.

The command line for doing this is:

PowerVCS get –f *.* -t c:\build –p –r –l “Maintenance Release 1” > log.txt

which differs from the command line for getting the latest version:

PowerVCS get –f *.* -t c:\build –p –r > log.txt

by only the optional –l (for label) parameter.

Once this set of objects is retrieved than the building of the application can proceed exactly as before.